BOLOGNA (Natural Spices) Free of MSG,GMO and Allergens ( for 50 pounds of Meat)

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For 50 pounds of meat.
A really good bologna sandwich made with good cheese, tomatoes and a sweet onion slice is hard to beat if the bologna is lean, firm and fresh clean tasting. It is so hard to find this kind of bologna; so, you make your own.
Our seasoning and recipe goes back to the days when the sausage makers put their reputation on the line with every sausage that they made. We are willing to share this bologna seasoning and our special natural binder along with our process with Natural Bologna seasoning with spices such as nutmeg, white pepper,allspice,mace,savory, coriander, onion and garlic. We use purified salt for the basic sausage making. Our binder that we send to keep you bologna firm and moist is also made using natural vegetable products such as carrot fiber and natural potato starch. The cure is also included for a complete package for you.  Our bologna seasoning is free of Glutton, Dairy, MSG, GMO products and allergens. We will share our step by step process for making the very best bologna. You will need to select your meat ( beef, pork, poultry, chicken or turkey breast or wild game) and the type of casing that you want to use.
For smoking select collagen middles, collagen rounds, or fibrous. For water cooking select high barrier plastic straight or curved. We have all the casings ready to ship to you.


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