Shelf Stable Sausage

Making the Shelf Stable Sausage

You need meat, can be any animal or combination of trimmings. I like the boneless pork but as a basis and add to it. You can make all pork, pork plus beef, pork plus venison or all beef.

You need a grinder of some type, stuffer, a thermometer that can check the internal temperature of the sausage and a way to heat the stuffed sausage to a temperature of 150 degrees or more. It can be a smoker or your kitchen oven.

YES, I KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE MAKE A DRY SAUSAGE WITHOUT COOKING AT ALL. We are going to make a safe sausage that we don’t have to worry about making us sick, and we are going to make it a quick way. We are going to use an encapsulated acid to lower the ph instead of fermenting.

Keep the Meat to Almost Froze

1.Grind the meat through the coarse screen and then through the beautiful display of your grinder, keeping it very cold, so there are distinct particles of meat in the finished grind.

2.Add the seasoning and cure and mix into the meat. Use very little or any water as you are just going to have to remove it during the drying. Do not grind the seasoning into the meat for a dry sausage.

3.Hold the sausage in the refrigerator overnight to let the salt and seasoning work.

4.Within the next 4 days, you will add the encapsulated acid and mix it into your sausage.

5.Stuff your sausage and cook immediately or within 12 hours of adding the acid. Tag the weight of the uncooked logs so you can see when they have lost 175 of their weight.

6.The encapsulation melts at 148 degrees F, so you will want to heat the sausage above that; but, not over 160 degrees F internal temp.

7.At your selected cook temp, remove the sausage from the heat and drop into cold water to stop the cook.

8.You now need to make sure that you have lost 17% of your fresh sausage weight.

9.You have added the acid, and now when you lose the 17% weight, the sausage is shelf-stable and can be left without refrigeration. I go ahead and hang the sausage at room temperature until I lose 30% of the weight for hard salami.

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