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Trehalose – Is a Natural Occurring Sugar

Don’t forget trehalose for fresh breakfast sausage and dinner sausage for the grill. Trehalose makes a world of difference in the shelf life of the products as well as the texture of the product for eating.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar in nature as an antioxidant and a protein protector for plants and animals. These attributes are perfect for sausage manufacturing.

Trehalose adds some sweetness but is not overpowering as it is only half as sweet as table sugar. Cannot be used as a browning agent.

Trehalose is an antioxidant and will help keep the color in the sausage as oxidation causes the graying.

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Trehalose – Protein Protector

Trehalose is a protein protector and will keep the fresh sausage from being “rubbery” after cooking. The trehalose should be added with the seasoning and salt to protect the protein from being extracted during mixing. As a protein protector, it eliminates the freezer taste in frozen sausage and holds the moisture in the sausage when defrosted.

Trehalose is a flavor enhancer and can replace MSG in the formulation.

Trehalose is sold in 6-ounce packages for 25 pounds of sausage as well as bulk.

There is a wealth of information about trehalose on the web for your discovery. Our trehalose is non-GMO and every batch is 98% purity.

Don’t forget to use this valuable ingredient. Trehalose is genuinely a miracle sugar shared by many plants, animals, sea creatures, birds, bees, and even hummingbirds that need unique energy and protection from the environment.

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  1. Michael West on April 14, 2021 at 6:50 am

    I was wondering if you have 4 each of 44 pound bags of Trehalose sugar avaliable?

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